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Clemson Tigers Win National Championship

Clemson Tigers Win National Championship


Last Monday, the Clemson Tigers and The Alabama Crimson Tide faced off in Raymond James stadium down in Florida for the annual NCAA national championship game. The Tigers came out victoriously on a last second touchdown, the latest on championship games from the 2016-2017 to be decided in the final moments. Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson failed to win the Heisman trophy earlier this season, but has been telling everyone who will listen that he is the best player in college football, and after leading Clemson back from a two touchdown deficit to upset the the number one team on college football people are going to believe him. Watson finished with a total of 463 all purpose yards and four touchdowns that helped Clemson secure their first national championship since 1981.


This game happened just one year after Watson and the Tigers lost to Alabama despite Watson putting up a 478 yards performance. This was also the first time that Alabama coach Nick Saban lost a national championship game or a title game since 2008. With this performance cementing Watson as one of the best college football players in history, Watson now has his eyes set on the NFL draft, where he is expected to be drafted first overall by the Cleveland Browns. There were many examples during this game of game number 15 taking its toll on both teams, especially as the game threatened to go into overtime. Both teams played very well in reality, with some great big plays coming from the defensive stars of Alabama. Many players from this game are expected to gon in the first round of the NFL draft, which is in late April of this year. I hope you guys enjoyed the game if you saw it, and if you didn’t see the game then I hope you enjoyed this brief write up. See you later everyone.


 Clemson vs. Alabama

Couch to 5K

Hi everyone, my name is Bodie and welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. I hope everyone had a great Christmas time and ate everything they’d wanted to. Unfortunately it’s 2017 now, and if you’re like me you’ve got your new year resolutions already started and for a lot of us that means cutting back on the luxury and indulgence of the Christmas period.

One of the most common New Year resolutions you see from people is to get fit and start running.  In fact it’s actually how I got into running a couple of years ago. I’d just eaten my body weight in Turkey and Stuffing, and was trying to put on some clothes I’d been given for Christmas when they suddenly felt a lot tighter.  It was in this moment that I decided for the new year I was going to get out there and start running. I went online to one of my favourite bargain classified ads website, bought myself a pair of running shoes. Come the 1st of January once I’d got rid of my New Years hangover, I was out pounding the pavements. Not for long though.


Couch to 5K.

As I was saying, I was out pounding the pavements for around 2 minutes.  When I discovered after years of sitting on the couch and not running I could no longer run for over 2 minutes without getting a stitch and being completely out of breath.  It can also lead to many problems further down the line such as a greater risk of injury.  I went home that day feeling mightily defeated until I sat down and read about the couch to 5k program and how it can get you running.  

No matter who you are or how busy you are, you can do the couch to 5k.

The program is a little slow to start with, and whilst you might want to skip the first week or so I would highly recommend just sticking with it and completing over exercise on the side.  It does liven up half way through and get much tougher, so just wait and see where it goes.  I like to listen to music whilst running so make sure to bring that along.  If you need to buy a cheap music device have a look here; 

couch to 5k


Before the beginning of the program you should make sure that you’re comfortable walking for periods of an hour plus.  If you find this difficult I’d highly recommend walking for prolonged periods of time and wait until you can walk for an hour before you start the program.

The plan is based on an 8 week period before a 5K run.  You can extend this if you have time and are finding it difficult.  Repeat a week, or two, rather than skipping a week.  If you only have 8 weeks before an event, try cutting the running times down by ½ or ¼.  Or try running at a slower pace for a longer period of time.

No GPS watch? Don’t worry.  Run based on time rather than distance.  You can aim for a target of 30 mins running or 45 mins running non-stop instead of a distance.   You can also plan out a route ahead and take your phone to measure the distance. If you’d like a gps watch, I recommend the Garmin 300 which I bought online here; 


Eat better.  Improving your diet might not be want you want to hear but it’s one of the best ways to ensure you complete your daily goals.  If you think your diet maybe could do with tightening up then this is the best time to do so.

Try your best.  Running is hard to get into, and you might never really enjoy it, but push yourself anyway.  Don’t roll over and give up without a fight, puff and pant your way to your daily goal and you’ll feel so much for the better.  

Treat yo’self.  Staying motivated is a hell of a lot easier if you have a treat or something nice to look forward to once you’ve completed a goal.  If you find yourself enjoying running maybe save up for a nicer pair of running shoes or running gear, or if food is that way to your heart a nice meal with friends or family might be the treat you deserve.


Before you start each daily workout make sure that you walk for 5 minutes at least before and after each workout.  This will warm up your muscles before a run as well as giving them time to recover post workout.  This is the best way to help prevent any injuries and make sure your muscles hurt less.×200.jpg


First 4 weeks of your workout.


Week 1.

Run 1 min, Walk 2 min, Repeat 8 times

Run 1 min, Walk 2 min, Repeat 6 times

Run 1 min, Walk 2 min, Repeat 10 times


Week 2.

Run 2 min, Walk 2 min, Repeat 7 times

Run 2 min, Walk 2 min, Repeat 6 times

Run 2 min, Walk 2 min, Repeat 8 times


Week 3.

Run 3 min, Walk 2 min, Repeat 6 times

Run 3 min, Walk 2 min, Repeat 5 times

Run 3 min, Walk 2 min, Repeat 7 times


Week 4.

Run 5 min, Walk 3 min, Repeat 4 times

Run 5 min, Walk 3 min, Repeat 3 times

Run 5 min, Walk 3 min, Repeat 5 times
Good Luck! If you want to find out a bit more about me, check out my intro.

Keeping Busy and Staying Fit

Hey everyone, Bodie here again. Hope you are all enjoying my sports and fitness blog as much as I am enjoying writing it. I was talking with a friend of mine earlier who works away from home for weeks at a time, and as such he hasn’t been able to hit the gym at all in the past 4 months. Add that with the normal on the road diet of cheeseburgers and gas station fruit and you have a recipe for a fairly unhealthy life. Lucky for him( and any of you in a similar situation) I love working out and being fit, and as such have found a good regime to get yourself in shape or at least healthier when you are extremely busy and don’t have the time for proper workouts.

Some time last year, I was travelling around the world and was on a boat with this group of people for about two weeks, just us . One of these people was an aging ex-marine that shared some pretty good tips with me. This guy must have been almost 60 years old, but looked better than me at 22! When we talked about workouts, he told me his regime and I have to say it blew me away. This man would wake up every morning for the last 20 years and do 1000 push ups, then 1000 sit ups. You are probably thinking that’s impossible, and it almost is. I am a fairly healthy young man, and when I tried this I could only get to 128 push ups the first day. However when I did this for a week, I was able to get up to 150 by the end and then to 200 by the next week. I do this every day when I wake up and it is perfect when I am travelling or working long hours. Try it yourself, tomorrow morning when you wake up before turning on the coffee do as many push ups and sit ups as you can, and then again the next day. The results may surprise you! See you later guys!

Proper push ups

Rugby vs. Rugby Sevens

Yo, Bodie here again. Thanks to all of you for sticking with my sports and fitness blog, it really means a lot to me. Last time during my intro I told you guys that my favourite sport is rugby( or rugger as you old guys might say), both to watch and to play. Well today I thought I would do a brief follow up to that though and go over the two main types of rugby, sevens and fifteens. The names should show you the main difference between the two, the amount of players on the field for each team. But what other differences are their, and how do they affect the game?

When watching a rugby sevens match as compared to a normal rugby match, the second difference you may notice after the amount of players is the length of the match. Normal rugby is an 80 minute affair, with 40 minute halves whereas sevens rugby has, you guessed it, seven minute halves. As the match times are shorter, the amount of matches played increases. Instead of having one match a week, teams often participate in tournament that have them playing as many of six games in a two day span. Because of some of these initial differences, some technical aspects of the game are changed as well. The scrum, for example only consists of 3 players per team and is used as more of a resetting point than as a strategic element like in the fifteen player counterpart. Another result of the increased team members is the change in run support. In fifteens, a ball carrier is usually supported by three of four teammates, as opposed to one in sevens. There are more differences of course, but the best way to learn about them is by watching a game yourself. Support your local sevens team! See you guys later, I’m off to a match right now.

Dubai Rugby Sevens Team


Welcome to Bodie’s Sports and Fitness Journal

Yo, I’m Bodie and this is Bodie’s Sports and Fitness Journal.  I created this blog as my very own internet journal where I can discuss both professional sports and also discuss participating in different sports and fitness classes.  

My favorite sport to watch is Rugby, and I love watching both British Rugby matches as well as international matches.  London Irish all the way. Other sports I enjoy include Soccer and American Football.

I love trying out new sports and fitness trends, and aim to one day have participated in every sport that I come across.  I currently go to the gym 3 days a week to work out on the machines, and try to go to 2-3 different sports classes.  I go to Yoga once a week, and normally I hit a spin class or a kickboxing class, but I also aim to try out a new class at least once a week.  

What sports do you love? And what teams do you support?  I love hearing what sports and teams people are passionate about and how they got into the sport and supporting a team.  Are there any classes you’ve tried out that you would recommend?

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