Yo, I’m Bodie and this is Bodie’s Sports and Fitness Journal.  I created this blog as my very own internet journal where I can discuss both professional sports and also discuss participating in different sports and fitness classes.  

My favorite sport to watch is Rugby, and I love watching both British Rugby matches as well as international matches.  London Irish all the way. Other sports I enjoy include Soccer and American Football.

I love trying out new sports and fitness trends, and aim to one day have participated in every sport that I come across.  I currently go to the gym 3 days a week to work out on the machines, and try to go to 2-3 different sports classes.  I go to Yoga once a week, and normally I hit a spin class or a kickboxing class, but I also aim to try out a new class at least once a week.  

What sports do you love? And what teams do you support?  I love hearing what sports and teams people are passionate about and how they got into the sport and supporting a team.  Are there any classes you’ve tried out that you would recommend?