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Rugby vs. Rugby Sevens

Yo, Bodie here again. Thanks to all of you for sticking with my sports and fitness blog, it really means a lot to me. Last time during my intro I told you guys that my favourite sport is rugby( or rugger as you old guys might say), both to watch and to play. Well today I thought I would do a brief follow up to that though and go over the two main types of rugby, sevens and fifteens. The names should show you the main difference between the two, the amount of players on the field for each team. But what other differences are their, and how do they affect the game?

When watching a rugby sevens match as compared to a normal rugby match, the second difference you may notice after the amount of players is the length of the match. Normal rugby is an 80 minute affair, with 40 minute halves whereas sevens rugby has, you guessed it, seven minute halves. As the match times are shorter, the amount of matches played increases. Instead of having one match a week, teams often participate in tournament that have them playing as many of six games in a two day span. Because of some of these initial differences, some technical aspects of the game are changed as well. The scrum, for example only consists of 3 players per team and is used as more of a resetting point than as a strategic element like in the fifteen player counterpart. Another result of the increased team members is the change in run support. In fifteens, a ball carrier is usually supported by three of four teammates, as opposed to one in sevens. There are more differences of course, but the best way to learn about them is by watching a game yourself. Support your local sevens team! See you guys later, I’m off to a match right now.

Dubai Rugby Sevens Team


Welcome to Bodie’s Sports and Fitness Journal

Yo, I’m Bodie and this is Bodie’s Sports and Fitness Journal.  I created this blog as my very own internet journal where I can discuss both professional sports and also discuss participating in different sports and fitness classes.  

My favorite sport to watch is Rugby, and I love watching both British Rugby matches as well as international matches.  London Irish all the way. Other sports I enjoy include Soccer and American Football.

I love trying out new sports and fitness trends, and aim to one day have participated in every sport that I come across.  I currently go to the gym 3 days a week to work out on the machines, and try to go to 2-3 different sports classes.  I go to Yoga once a week, and normally I hit a spin class or a kickboxing class, but I also aim to try out a new class at least once a week.  

What sports do you love? And what teams do you support?  I love hearing what sports and teams people are passionate about and how they got into the sport and supporting a team.  Are there any classes you’ve tried out that you would recommend?

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